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Our Advantages

We specialize in manufacturing contract hotel furniture and are proud to have worked on stunning hotels of different scales around the world.

1. Impressive Corporate Scale

OE HOME is a leading high-end custom-made furniture brand in China. Our facility, located in DongGuan City, spans over 10,000 square meters, where we specialize in creating custom-made loose items.

2. Service Advantages

Our highly efficient service system streamlines the entire process for you, from furniture design to production, packing, and after-sales service, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

3.Project Evaluation Meeting

Before production, we confidently conduct a project evaluation meeting with supervisors from different teams to comprehensively assess the production process for each item in the order lists. Our goal is to ensure that all production processes, precautions, and requirements are clearly defined. This approach sets us apart from other furniture manufacturers. The product evaluation meeting enables us to produce items faster, with better quality, more efficiently, and with a lower error rate, ensuring our clients receive the best possible products.

4. Material Advantage

We only choose materials that have successfully passed rigorous testing, such as ROHS and SGS. For example, when selecting solid wood from overseas countries for furniture frames, we make sure that it meets ROHS requirements. Before purchasing any materials, whether it be timber, fabric, or sponge, we conduct a thorough inspection. Our commitment to quality extends to the use of solid wood veneer instead of MDF board, ensuring that our furniture meets the highest standards.

5. Stable Furniture Structure

Rest assured that all joints in the furniture frame are tightly installed after tenoning. This technique significantly enhances the strength and firmness of the furniture, ensuring its durability and longevity.

6. Refined Hand-Crafted Skills

We create each piece with the utmost care and precision. Our skilled woodworkers handcraft every item to meet each client's exact requirements, ensuring complete satisfaction.

7. Professional Team

Our team comprises of professional specialists from the furniture industry. With 30 years of engagement in this field, we have established ourselves as a leading high-end custom furniture manufacturer in China.

8. Packing Procedures

Rest assured that our team of experts conducts a thorough series of checks to ensure that your furniture is functioning properly before it is packed. To ensure that your furniture arrives in perfect condition, we take great care to store it in a sturdy wooden case during shipping.